Bug Report - Environment Stuck in Cancelling State

We have two environments which are stuck in a cancelling state and cannot be deleted.

The first of these has been around for some time as you can see. The second one just created today I can provide a bit more information about.

  1. These environments are created using the API via a custom GitHub action when a PR is opened. And they are closed similarly using an action
  2. I manually created a second environment feature/canvas-crosslisting (now deleted) which was tied to the same branch as the automatically generated one (not something we usually do).
  3. I deleted the manually created branch when it’s use was completed then merged the PR (which triggered the cancel event)

I don’t know if that’s related but may be correlated.

Environment Link: https://console.qovery.com/organization/1af55cf5-c2a7-4871-b810-541837225c1a/project/f0e699fa-34bd-4c0a-bbe7-785f071d4bd1/environments/general

Hi @Corky3892 , I share this with the team.

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Hello @Corky3892,

I’m looking into the problem and will notify you once it is resolved.

Thank you

Hello @Corky3892

The environments stuck in the cancelling state have been deleted.

We have identified a bug that can lead to this situation when cancelling a delete action that has already been completed. Let me know if the problem occurs again.

Thank you.

Thanks - appreciate it!

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