BackoffLimitExceeded:Job has reached the specified backoff limit


I have several errors on my cronJobs : BackoffLimitExceeded:Job but I cannot see any error in the logs.
The jobs seem finished, I have no more logs, but is incomplete.

I cannot see any error on deployment logs from qovery or logs / traces from datadog.
I would like to know the root cause and at least be alerted when a job fails instead of having to check every day that my cron finished.

Hi @Sebastien_ELET , could you please share your Qovery web console URL? Then we can check what’s going on? Thank you.

Hello @rophilogene, here two examples :

Hello Sebastien,

I am looking into it.

For the 2nd job, it has failed more than 1 month ago, so you will not get any live logs.

For the first job, I tried to look into the history of logs, and it seems the job is not logging anything at all even in case of success.
You should try to add more logs to get information

Since the cron does not run on the K8S cluster, I run them on standalone ec2, and they output logs on success or errors.

I tried a force run and i had this error message with nothing in logs

I’m unable to know what is wrong (wrong command ? not enough memory ? another issue on the cluster ?)

Ok after checking we had some cron with wrong configuration :man_facepalming: using entrypoint instead of cmd arguments.

I fixed those and I will check if the error occurs again.

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