Application with Buildpacks throws Nginx Permission Denied

Hi, I’m testing the service and I’m getting a Nginx error indicating a denied permission on startup.

For information, I’m testing with a Php buildpack (8.2) which, according to the logs, uses Heroku buildpacks.

I “think” that the problem comes from the port (I set 80 => 443) so that the application is publicly available, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Log :

Using Nginx server-level configuration include 'nginx_app.conf'

2023/09/22 12:10:56 [emerg] 122#0: bind() to failed (13: Permission denied)


Hello @jeremy_gaudin,

Can you please give the Qovery url of your environment?

Thanks for the anwser : Qovery

Hi @jeremy_gaudin , I saw you’re using Buildpacks - the error comes from Buildpacks and is hard to troubleshoot because of how opaque Buildpacks is. We highly recommend you switch to Docker for your app. What language and framework do you use for your application?


We use Codeigniter 3 and Php

Do you have an existing Dockerfile for your app?

Not at all, we use buildpack for Prod.

Do you have any Dockerfile example for nginx, php and php-fpm ?