Adding baseline instances

Would be nice if there was the chance in the future to add baseline instances, like

(autoscaling calculation of required instances) + baseline instances = total instances.

Especially on apps that have sharp peaks in traffic this would allow to handle those times more smoothly.

Hi @FlorianSuchan ,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s definitely something missing in Qovery (we are 100% aware). It’s hard to predict how resources are going to be consumed when you set auto-scaling on. It’s even a more general issue that we have in the current version of Qovery (v2). The good news is that we are working on Qovery v3 (soft launch this month and GA for September) to give more transparency and prediction on how your resources are going to be consumed. We also want to go further with a completely revisited interface where we have put the focus on the Developer Experience. You will be aware once we soft launch the V3. In the meantime, here are some screenshots :slight_smile:

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Cool, looking forward to see more soon :slight_smile:

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