504 error


I am having a 504 error on my application. I have no idea what it is because it shows nothing on log.

here is the url: https://console.qovery.com/organization/3a73aeca-3e21-4e5a-8957-71bcc866773c/project/22840c74-3767-40b9-9d4c-e276359e8ad2/environment/fa07fa4d-4021-468e-b4ce-a3214627dd2f/application/8ceac6d6-f76e-4df4-a233-d48d0aef9e09/general

Hi @Control_361 , could you please follow our thread template to provide as much details as possible. (Please also set a title referring to your error)

But these are all the info I know…
The original URL: https://p80-zfa07fa4d-z182b420d-gtw.z2150e172.hel.sh/
504 error

The container is deployed.

504 error means it’s an error on your app (it’s not Qovery related). You should be able to make your logs more verbose if you don’t see anything.

Can you please check?

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