[INCIDENT CLOSED] Qovery internal services outage

We are facing a major internal services issue, we are investigating it with AWS support.

Console, API and Terraform are not available for the time being, but your clusters and services are not impacted.

Please follow our status page to get any updates on the incident.

We are back !

Sorry for inconvenience. If you struggle with a stuck deployment, please reach out so we can unlock you.


One of our deployment is stuck since 24 hours , a loader is running.

account is under : saad@hyperengage.io

Hello @saadhypng, can you provide your environment link ?
What I can see in one of your env is a deployment error yesterday, caused by 1 max node group size reached in your deployment logs (you need to increase* your cluster max node size to resolve the issue)

Maintenance is completed and the incident has been solved. We are back on track!

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