"400 Bad request" when trying to redeploy


When trying to redeploy a container, we are getting a 400 Bad request, could you give me a hand in understanding why?


Run the following command:
qovery container redeploy --organization my_org --project WebApp --environment staging --container web --watch

Hello @jmeiss
I’m taking a look.

Hello @jmeiss
Could you upgrade your qovery-cli to version 0.82.2 and let me know if it solves the issue?
Thank you

Hi @Pierre_Gerbelot

Yes, it does solve the issue.
While we are here, could it be possible to add a prop “containers” like the deploy command to redeploy several containers at once?

Thanks for your help :pray:

Happy to hear that it has fixed your problem

Regarding your suggestion about adding a prop “containers” for redeploying multiple containers at once, I don’t think it will bring much values as we will not be able to deploy this containers in parallel on our side. I think you can easily do this by creating an alias or a function.
For information, you can redeploy the entire environment by using the qovery-cli environement redeploy command

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply @Pierre_Gerbelot

Noted for environment redeploy though I will not use it otherwise it will redeploy our DB which has Point In Time restore that is not supported by Qovery yet :wink:


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