400 error while cloning

When trying to clone staging environment from UI, I get “Error when cloning environments database”. When trying from console, this is how error looks:

Error: status code: 400 Bad Request ; body: {"type":"about:blank","title":"Bad Request","status":400,"detail":"Error when cloning environment's database","instance":"/api/environment/uuid-here/clone","message":"Error when cloning environment's database"}
Error: 400 Bad Request

Hello @Azamat
Do you still have the issue?
Can you please give the console.qovery.com/xxx url of the environment you try to clone?
Thank you

Hello Pierre,

I’m not sure it’s good idea to post our application UUID publicly. Imagine some backdoor in the future (that bypasses auth) and our UUID is here ready to copy/paste. Correct me if I’m missing something obvious.

Otherwise, the issue with 400 is no more there, it started working in couple of hours yesterday.

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