Will Neon get better Qovery support?

I recently read this article about Neon with Qovery preview environments, and I can see a perfect use case for it in one of our projects where DB copy is important (also migration testing). However, in order to use Neon on Qovery you have to go through a manual setup (described here). Do you have plans to support Neon as a first-class citizen (via UI as one of DB options) in the future?

Hi @prki ,

short answer: yes it’s planned :slight_smile:

long answer:

We will support Neon (and other integrations like Datadog, Kubecost, and so many more) natively for the end of the year 2023 with the support of what we call the Service Catalog. The idea is to provide a marketplace to install external services inside your environment with one click.

We may also provide a short-term solution to do it easily via the Qovery CLI. I can keep you posted on this.

cc @a_carrano

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Sounds great, keep me posted.

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