Using a Dump file as a datasource and producing dump file once data is transformed using Replibyte

Hello @Qovery_Team , @rophilogene I am looking to create an anonymized version of our production database using RepliBytes. I see the information on the project site indicating that I can simply use an existing datadump as datasource and produce a data dump as destination rather than connect to an actual postgresql db. Can you please share an example config.yaml showing this setting? I am also using a local directory and running replibytes on my Mac laptop

Many Thanks!!

Hey @sama213 :wave: ,

You can simply run this command to use an existing dump

cat your-dump.sql | replibyte -c conf.yaml dump create -s postgresql -i

The -i parameter means that it is taking the source from the output :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other question.