Replibyte - a tool to seed your dev database with real data

A bunch of external contributors and the Qovery team have created RepliByte - an open-source tool to seed a development database from a production database.

Features :fire:

  • Support data backup and restore for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB
  • Replace sensitive data with fake data
  • Works on large database (> 10GB) (read Design)
  • Database Subsetting: Scale down a production database to a more reasonable size
  • Start a local database with the prod data in a single command
  • On-the-fly data (de)compression (Zlib)
  • On-the-fly data de/encryption (AES-256)
  • Fully stateless (no server, no daemon) and lightweight binary
  • Use custom transformers

My motivation :man_running:

As a developer, creating a fake dataset for running tests is tedious. Plus, it does not reflect real-world data and is painful to keep updated. If you prefer to run your app tests with production data. Then RepliByte is for you as well.

Note: Replibyte will be integrated directly in Qovery this year :tada:

Available for MacOSX, Linux, and Windows.