How to seed my database when cloning an environment and hiding sensitive data

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I have one question regarding cloning. When cloning the DB, can we do something to obfuscate some part of cloned data? Like you have it on Replibyte? Or how do we set up Replibyte in the process?

I want to clone the DB but do not want user-sensitive info to be available or visible.


Hi @amitpareek , thanks for asking. Qovery provides all the primitives you need to seed your database when cloning an environment. In the case of Replibyte or even a custom seed script you might want to use, you can use the Lifecycle Jobs feature.


E.g. here is one of my set up where I use a SQL script to seed my database for every new cloned environment.

I have a DB Seed Script Lifecycle Job executed after creating my Postgres database DB.

My DB Seed Script is executed into my stage Migration and seed from my deployment pipeline.

You can take a look at what looks like my DB Seed Script here. Feel free to re-use it.


Here are two resources you can use to seed your database:

  1. Seed database with a SQL script
  2. Seed database with Replibyte

Let me know if you have any other questions.