Unable to see log from all services

Hello @Melvin_Zottola @Morgan_Perry
I can not see any logs from all my services. would you please help me?

Thank you


Hello @jameschan0524,
I’m taking a look

I’ve trigger a cluster update, we had an issue recently related to minimum requirements on GKE.
This issue had been fixed, updating the cluster should apply it.

I see, what should I do from my side?

Ah I saw our cluster is in updating status

@Melvin_Zottola can you please check? I think updating has been failed

The cluster is now OK, it was due to loki pod that couldn’t start due to our VPA lower resources (that’s why there was an error on cluster update).

Now loki is running correctly, the next logs of your applications should be visibile

I can now see your logs in your environment, sorry for the delay