Unable to access private postgres

I have 2 postgres databases. One is managed and other is container. In both of them, when I set the access to private, I am unable to access them. I set up an alias of DATABASE_URL as internal when setting private access to the external endpoint when setting public.

What am I missing?

Hi :wave: , I am sorry, but I am unsure which database is inaccessible. Is it both? Can you show me how you created DATABASE_URL environment variable please? (you can post a screenshot)

Sure. Here’s how I am setting the DATABASE_URL and it’s settings and it works.

Now if I change the DATABASE_URL to be an alias of QOVERY_POSTGRESQL_Z9325572_DATABASE_URL_INTERNAL and mark the db as private then I get errors while prisma is initialised.

Can you copy paste the prisma error please?

I dont think that is now possible. We pushed things to live and I can try to get it from our staging env. But this has happened before. We also noticed a similar behaviour with Redis. So when we chose managed redis and it was private or public we were unable to access it, but when we chose container redis everything worked fine.