Send OpenTelemetry data to datadog agent

Hello, I am using a cluster managed by Qovery.

I have installed a datadog agent using Helm (following the documentation).
I have instrumented my apps with opentelemetry, and I would like to send traces & metrics to Datadog through the datadog agent.

I have this documentation :

I have to get the HOST_IP and pass it to my service, is there a way to perform this in Qovery ? Or is there an alternative way to achieve this ?


You can follow this documentation to install datadog on your cluster via Qovery.

The host_ip will be automatically set. Datadog chart install a mutating gateway that modify on the fly deployment to add this information.

I followed the documentation, but I don’t see the HOST_IP in the environment variable of my application pods. (when I open a shell in my pod, echo $HOST_IP does not return anything)


In my values.yaml of datadog charts, I have this :

          enabled: true

I’m looking to pass the HOST_IP with a config like this for my application pod:

 - name: HOST_IP
       fieldPath: status.hostIP

Hello @Erebe

I am still unable to access the host_ip from my pod, though I have deployed the last version of datadog’s helm charts. When I start a shell inside my application pod, and run printenv I can’t see it… How can I activate the mutating gateway you’re talking about ?

I have tried something else: I have installed the opentelemetry-collector chart with a datadog exporter. But it seems to work exactly the same as the datadog agent. I still need to find a way to inject the host_ip inside my pod, and I’m a bit desperate right now :weary:

It seems to be really simple to do it with YAML, it should be easy to do in Qovery too.

Just an idea : I see that it is possible to define some env variables using interpolation. It would be nice if we could reference fields from the pod’s status here for example.

Hello @wewelll ,

We don’t support fieldref for the moment when defining variables.
I’m adding the product team to follow up on your request for this new feature. cc: @Julien_Dan , @Alessandro_carrano

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Thank you @Pierre_Gerbelot, it would be a really helpful feature for observability

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