[RELEASED - Upcoming Feature] Doppler integration

This feature has been released, see the post below!


Following our announcement of our partnership with Doppler, we are working together with the Doppler team to provide a synchronization mechanism between Doppler and Qovery and automatically sync your secrets between the two systems.

You will soon find a new “Qovery” integration in Doppler which will allow you to synchronize a Doppler configuration with a Qovery project/environment/service

Once this is set up, an automatic sync will push to Qovery every secret available in the selected Doppler configuration. These secrets will be stored on the Qovery side as secrets with a scope that depends on the scope selected on the sync configuration.

The secrets are automatically synced at the very first launch and as well every time a secret is modified on Doppler.

All you will need to activate this feature is:

  • A Doppler account and secrets stored inside
  • A Qovery API token that will be used by Doppler to access your account configuration

Note: you will still need to redeploy your application/environment on Qovery if you modify any secret on Doppler. No automatic deployment will be triggered!

Roadmap item: Support Doppler | Frill.co


Finally! Doppler integration is available :fire::fire:

We’re excited to share the good news that the long-awaited Doppler x Qovery integration is now available! We’ve been working hard to make this a reality, and we’re thrilled to see it come to fruition.

With this integration, you can now manage your secrets with Doppler and seamlessly sync them with Qovery. This should make your workflows smoother and more efficient than ever before!

We also want to give you a heads-up that we will be rolling out some updates on our web console in the coming days. These updates will provide a visual indicator to show you which secrets are being synced with Doppler. We believe this will add a layer of clarity and help you manage your secrets even better.

While we have thoroughly tested the integration, we understand that there might be scenarios we haven’t accounted for. If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to open a new thread on this forum. Our team, along with the Doppler team, will be monitoring the forum and will be ready to jump in and assist.

For a complete guide on how to use this new integration, please check out the Qovery x Doppler integration documentation here.

We’re here to support you every step of the way, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback! Have a great weekend

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