Referencing external secrets in Qovery application


I am deploying a postgres database using the zolando operator, using the prepared databases I can set credentials in the qovery namespace which are rotated periodically. How can I reference those in my app deployment? I know we can go down the helm route deploy app using lifecycle jobs but at the end of the day if I were to manage all of that then the ease of deploying via qovery would go away.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hello @saadhypng,

I am not sure to fully understand your question. You have a Qovery database created and want to use those credentials in an application (within same DB env?).

Do you have any example or schema so I can make sure to fully understand and see how we can help? :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Let me add some more details:

  • I am deploying a custom database via Zalando postgres operator, that operator generates database as well as access credentials for the user, those credentials are set in the qovery environment namespace, how can I reference those env variables in a python application deployed via qovery ?

This is how the operator sets the credentials: , these credentials are auto rotated and are saved in an env car in that namespace.

If I understand propery, the rotation you are talking about is this one:

If so, as of today, we do don’t support that, it seems to be specific to posgres operator.

We do support rotation using Qovery secrets or via doppler.

Maybe you can give more details on how you setup it elsewhere eventually so we dig more with examples.


Yes I am talking about this I don’t want qovery to rotate secrets but is the qovery deployment of an app able to reference a secret that is not defined in qovery console, as this needs to be defined in the yaml file of deployment ?