Redis failed to start after several retries

Hi! We’re having an issue with Redis database instance. It fails without any reason after redeploy (previously everything worked fine)

The only error I’ve got is “Database Redis (id <DATABASE_ID>) failed to start after several retries.”

environment ID: 1b98985e-67c3-43f9-bcf3-4f6fc8d34d1c
Redis database ID: c9438da7-a2b6-4c97-8d9c-32e09803cc0f

Hello @oleh_m,

I’m looking at your issue

Hello @oleh_m,

We have an issue on our side that blocks the re-deployment of your redis instance, it affects redis that have been created before 2022-21-07

We are working on a fix that we hope to deliver within 24 hours.

In the meantime if you want to unblock the situation right now (and accept to lose your redis data), you can delete then re-create the redis instance. The deployment should be successful.

I keep you posted about the fix.

Hey @Melvin_Zottola

Any update on this fix?

Hello @Rahul,

The fix will be released today.
I’ll post a message in this thread once this is done

Hello @oleh_m, @Rahul

The fix has been delivered, your redis instance should be able to redeploy.

Merci @Melvin_Zottola, Redis redeployed, and all good. Thank you for sorting this out!

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