Can't redeploy managed postgres db. error "No pods found for requested service. Retry later"


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I have an environment that I deployed with terraform that contains a managed postgres db. Right now, we don’t need the environment all the time, so I stopped it manually. When I redeployed it, the applications redeployed just fine, but the postgres db won’t. I’ve tried several times. When I check the deployment logs I see:

Deployment of Database failed but we rollbacked it to previous safe/running version !

and in the live logs:

No pods found for requested service. Retry later. How do I resolve this? Is there a different way I should be stopping and starting an environment containing a managed postgres instance?

Hey @Anthony_Mayer

When you say

I stopped it manually

What does it means, you did it manually via the UI, or manually via AWS / terraform?


I stopped it manually via the UI

And the redeploy is done via UI or Terraform?

redeploy also via the UI

Hey !

We might have found an edge case. A patch is out, waiting to be released, will let you know once done so so can retry.


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