Qovery Maintenance Pages per Environment

We are looking for an easy way through Qovery to put up a Maintenance Page per environment as needed. Do you have a pattern for this or something you’ve seen other customers do?

Hi @bpowell_bse , just can you confirm for me that you want to put a maintenance page for your app when you are in “maintenance mode”? Does that mean that your app will be turned off for a long time or just the time it’s restarted? Does that mean something else?

Hi @rophilogene we are looking for something similar to the heroku maintenance mode which makes it easy to redirect traffic to a temporary status page while doing temporary maintenance (e.g. a database migration or something that requires the app to be offline).

Hi @Jeremiah_Kendall ,

Something you can do to mimic what Heroku does for the maintenance mode - is to add a proxy in front of your app (Nginx, Caddy…) and route the traffic to your app or your maintenance page depending on the value of an environment variable that you could set at the proxy level.

Cf. this diagram I did:

Let me know if that makes sense to you :slight_smile:

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