Not enough tutorials on how to use Qovery

Hi, i just wanted to ask/bring to your attention that there is not enough tutorials on how to use qovery, especially on youtube. i am saying this because youtube is the number one place people go to learn how to use something when they first find out about that thing.

I am also saying this from personal experience, because when me and my friend first started using qovery, we found it very hard to get to work around it, this is because there was no tutorials on youtube that taught this. Although qovery has its documentation, but it’s kinda not enough, and cant be same as a video tutorial, cos videos shows the stuff in realtime, and 90% of the people that want to use it will go to youtube first, because we all prefer to learn through videos.

For example, heroku has a tonne of youtube videos on it, so it makes it easier to use their platform. Just giving an example

Hi @goalbob , thank you for sharing your feedback. You are right and we are looking to create more video tutorial on YouTube. Do you have some examples of what kind of video tutorials you would like to see on YouTube?

Mostly videos on just using qovery to deploy different kind of webapps. Im sure there are lots of topics to make videos about with the platform (Qovery)

And right now, heroku has stopped the functionality that allows people to use github to deploy apps directly.

Making videos on deploying with github can be a good one.

I can share you the two videos that helped me understand how to deploy with Qovery, just so you can use as example.

Btw, this is just my suggestion

We’ll be happy to have people working with us to make those Youtube tutorials for Qovery. If you know anyone, happy to meet them :slight_smile:

Alright cool.

These were the videos i used

This video helped a little bit:

This video explained it very well

Hopefully that helps