[NEW FEATURE] Google Cloud Platform (GCP) beta support

Hello !

We are happy to announce beta support for GCP !

You are now able to deploy your workload on your GCP account.
We are deploying GKE cluster with autopilot which abstracts nodes management and handles the scaling while finding the best nodes to fit your workload while keeping the costs at the minimum.

:warning: GCP support is beta for next couple weeks until we support every essentials features allowing 95% of use cases to work on GCP via Qovery.

Features not yet supported but planned for coming weeks:

  • ARM support
  • Spot instances
  • Static IP
  • Custom existing VPC
  • Cluster pause
  • Terraform provider support

You can create a new GKE cluster now from the console (Terraform provider support is not there yet) following the documentation.

:warning: If you are a new GCP customer and/or have not yet your account been validated by a Google sales Team, you might want to contact them first in order to safeguard your account (takes 2-3 working days) which will allow you to adjust your quotas. Default quotas are almost not enough to deploy a cluster.

We will comment in this post with new features support.

:warning: We strongly encourage you to setup billing budget alerting and to keep an eye on your cluster costs for couple days and report to us if anything looks wrong.

Feel free to comment on this thread if you have any feedback/question on the feature :pray:

Cheers !