Move a variable to a scope to enother


In my “Production” environment, I have several variables which are in the “service” scope and which I need to pass into the “environment” scope.

If I delete it (from the service) and recreate it with the correct scope (without intermediate redeployment), I get an error telling me that it already exists. Is there a trick to get around this?



Would you mind giving me the console url of your service and the variable name you try to change ?

Of course:

I reproduce the problem with all variables containing “HUBPOST”, for example.

Thank you,
looking at it

Can you still reproduce the issue ?

I don’t see any variable named HUBPOST in any of your services, and I tried to create a new var called HUBPOST and it is working fine.


Thanks :pray:

So the issue is that HUBSPOT_FORM_ID was declared twice, in 2 services.
You first need to delete it in those 2 services before being able to add it at environment level.

I have done it for HUBSPOT_FORM_ID