Kubernetes Upgrade - moving to 1.21


We have planned to upgrade your managed Kubernetes clusters from version 1.20 to 1.21.


The upgrade will be done the 30/06/2022 starting from 7 am UTC time. We will gradually apply the upgrade on all the clusters we manage, so expect the entire operation to take 3-4 hours.


Each cloud provider has a limited number of supported Kubernetes versions and Qovery manages for you the upgrades!

More info on the supported Kubernetes versions by cloud provider:

Impact on your services

Kubernetes manage the upgrades by automatically creating new nodes in the 1.21, migrating the pods on the new node and shutting down the 1.20 nodes. The upgrade might cause a very small downtime for your applications, if you want to avoid the downtime you should:

For any service you have installed by yourself, please make sure that they are compatible with Kubernetes 1.21.

We will keep updating our status page with all the information about the maintenance.

For any questions, please comment directly within this thread!



Can’t wait for Kubernetes v1.22 now :smiley: cc @Enzo :see_no_evil:

It’s on the way @rophilogene but Kubernetes 1.22 added a lot of changes to handle.

Let’s first upgrade to 1.21 :partying_face:

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Soon we’ll be upfront of Kubernetes latest version :grin:

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