How to scale down the disk size of the cluster?


No guide on how to scale down cluster


Increase disk size then try to reduce => you will get an error

Hey @tradeplusai !

If I understand correctly, you want to downscale your cluster disk size?

It should be possible without any errors.
From which size to which size do you want to do the move? There is a minimum value of 20Go under which we don’t allow.

Do you happen to have the error message and your cluster qovery console link?


Hey :wave:,

Here is the console link => Qovery

I want to scale down from 100Go to 50Go,

Here is the error message I get =>Error, instance (i-05b7a349a3afe078d) volume (vol-05c3fa3925d537545) cannot be smaller than existing size.

cluster ID: 950111da-d9ed-4aaf-b33d-567727da37de
exec ID: 77540514-0c7f-496b-b5e8-db7869ecbb19-1690312270
version: v1.26.6+k3s1
org ID: d8799c6c-d5f9-43c2-b871-c056f4c5c90e

hope it helps

Hey @tradeplusai !

Ok I see your cluster is a Qovery EC2 and not an EKS. Indeed such operations are not supported on Qovery EC2 because it uses an EBS under the hood. EBS doesn’t support downsize out of the box …
So your best shot is to create a brand new cluster and move your workload to this newly created cluster.

Let me know if it helps.

Thank you for taking the time.

peace :saluting_face:

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