How to pick Docker images based on version tags


We have all our docker images in Docker hub… and each set of new images are tagged with same version number… kind of release version of application/platform… we need the capability to revert back to a particular version or jump forward…


The tag is hard-coded with each environment configuration. With Qovery’s enviroment/service I don’t see a way we can do that… we will have to setup new enviroments/services

Hi @sureba73 ,

This is something we highly do not recommend doing for many reasons. I highly recommend you read this great post from @a_carrano on the importance of using unique container tags!

@rophilogene Thanks for the quick reply. I did read the post by @a_carrano.

What we have is a set of services that work together and provide the experience of the our platform. For example:-

Service1… v2.4.0
Service2… v2.4.0
Service3… v2.4.0
Service4… v2.4.0

All of them are tagged with the version number of the platform. Even if there are no changes in a specific service we increment the version number so that it matches the version of the platform. I am not convinced why it is a bad practice.

Now, we need a way to fetch images of v2.4.0 (for example) from each service. Is that possible was my question.

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