Deployment of router failed

I’m a bit confused with the deployment error I am receiving.

The application deploys successfully in the env but then the router deployment fails with the error:

UPGRADE FAILED: current release manifest contains removed kubernetes api(s) for this kubernetes version and it is therefore unable to build the kubernetes objects for performing the diff

I’m also seeing:

message_safe: "Helm upgrade error"

This env had a deployment error because the git repo it was attached to was a former team member. I made the change using my repo and redeployed it. Now I am finding this deployment error.

The UI shows everything in green and looks successful, but the logs show a different story. I would love some insight on how to resolve this.

could you share the URL of your environment in order to investigate?

Of course!
I’m seeing the same error in all env

Thanks. May I update your cluster and then your application in order to investigate?

Yes please, update the cluster and application in order to investigate.

Thank you. I’m investigating.

it’s fixed. It was a Helm history issue.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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Awesome! Thank you for the quick response and resolution. Amazing :star_struck:

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