Container already present on machine // Deployement crashing :(


My deployement started failing randomly I am not sure why.
when I look at the logs there is a mix between multiple timestamps but I do see a

sion": "v1",
  "metadata": {},
  "status": "Failure",
  "message": "Get \"https://ip-10-0-12-12:10250/containerLogs/z9a78f48d-z124250b3/app-z1e49054c-5b4c848cf-8llsb/app-z1e49054c?follow=true\u0026tailLines=1000\u0026timestamps=true\": EOF",
  "code": 500

or a

./docker/ 3: ./docker/ [[: not found

I followed: How to run commands before the application starts | Qovery
I have a “./docker/” that exists and executable (chmod +x docker/

My docker looks like

FROM node:16.14.0
COPY . .

RUN yarn
RUN yarn build

ENTRYPOINT ["./docker/"]

CMD ["npm", "run", "start"]

Any idea?

I recently updated the entrypoint. Did you take the last version? (the actual one on the documentation?), with:

if [[ $? -eq 0 ]] ; then

Thank you - trying now!

No @Pierre_Mavro I cannot deploy anymore I don’t understand why. I removed the entrypoint execution just to check, it seems it is something else

this is the trail of the application logs :\ I don’t know what to do

Update: there is no application logs anymore.

Hey @CBaptiste,

Seems the pod running the app on your cluster was in a very weird state UnknownStatus.
Killing it and triggering a redeploy seems did the trick.

Let me know if it’s all good on your side.

Amazing - testing now :slight_smile: thank you!