Changing nginx proxy values proxy_connect_timeout_seconds, read, send has no effect

we have a Preview Environment and we changed the proxy_connect_timeout_seconds, proxy_read_timeout_seconds, proxy_send_timeout_seconds from 60 to 120
redeployed and sent a long running request to the service
it still produces a 504 response after 60seconds with the nginx timeout html.
What could be the issue here?

Hello @PmegaOcalc ,

Usually a 504 indicates that it is caused by a dependent server request failure. Is your request depending on another app / server ?

we check in the database to see that the end service completes the request successfully so we don’t think the problem is with the service, also it works perfectly locally. hence we don’t think it is a problem on the service end but rather with nginx itself.

seems like the ingress proxy is returning this message, yes?

Ok, yes indeed it seems so.

By looking at your nginx logs, I see some 504 but only from your “bc” service (the link of your application in your previous post points to the agent-api app, are you sure of it ?).

The nginx logs also indicate that it’s the underlying service that answers those 504 (the status at the end of the logs correspond to the upstream service status)

thank you, we forgot about the other nginx config

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