Can't deploy instance on K3S


We are trying to deploy metabase application in K3S t3a.medium instance (2 cpu, 4gb ram)

It doesn’t work

My app resources configuration

I know qovery needs ressources, we have calculated how much ressources it needs from previous environment and app.
It might be resources provision issue : it need one pod more provided in case it need to upscale which could explain reason why it doesn’t succeed ?


Hello !

Indeed as stated in the log, it’s a provision issue, you don’t have enough CPU to deploy the app. Your app is requiring 900 CPU / 2000 CPU available. On max available, you need to consider overhead is using CPU (coredns, cert-manager, nginx, log agent, etc).
I would advise to at least double the instance type.

Also, we already had issues with Metabase in the past, where it requires entropy which is not really available on AWS and really slows down the app.
More infos on those two topics:

Let me know if it helps.