BUG - Variable Aliases in lifecycle jobs do not persist

I am trying to create an alias ALIAS_CONTAINER_NAME for QOVERY_JOB_NAME with job scope in a lifecycle job, but the alias doesn’t persist. I can verify in the audit log that the alias has been added successfully, but then after some time (a couple of hours) the alias disapears with no deletion record in the audit log. It allows me to re-create the alias.
I have tried this in different environments and different projects. Same result.

Hi @markvantage :wave:, I forward to the team to check and fix the potential bug. Thanks for your thread.

Hello @markvantage ,

Could you share the link of your service impacted ?

Hi @Melvin_Zottola,

Here is one example.

Thank you, I’m going to check

Just so you know that we’re still investigating, there is indeed an issue on our side.
We’ll keep you updated once we have a fix to provide.