Bug in AWS ECR when deploying "latest" if more than one image exists


When I deploy using API from AWS ECR, it works for me ONLY if the image repository is EMPTY in AWS or if there is only ONE image (“latest”). It does NOT work if there are more than one image in the ECR.

If there are more than one image, I get the error that it could not find the “latest” tag when I try to deploy.

For now I use an temporary workaround and delete all images from AWS ECR before pushing a new “latest” image.

I can also add that the result is the same if the other images are untagged or if they have a unique tag such as commit id, also if the “latest” image has a commit id tag or not does not seem to matter, only the amount of images in the ECR seem to matter.

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I guess this is also related to the API change of not allowing “latest” tag to be deployed? @rophilogene

When deploying a unique tag (I used commit ID) rather than “latest”, it deploys OK even when there are multiple images in AWS ECR - The new deployment also displays the updates - all good!