Behavior which cause me to recreate my service

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I faced a behavior that seems intended but forces me to recreate my service to solve it. If you have another solution to avoid this.

Let me explain the context and the approach. First I need to run an application which can only have one instance due to the database lock it generates. What I did to get this behavior:

  • I run an application in a service with a single instance (min/max)
  • The application is deployed
  • I change a value in the variables
  • I restart a deployment
  • I notice that a deployment of 2 instances is starting
  • My application managing a lock in the DB the 2nd instance fail
  • I decide to cancel the deployment
  • I always find the previous vm deployed
  • I decide to stop the application to remove everything
  • The application stops but I still have the old vm deployed so at each new start it launches me 2 instances and I leave in the lock
  • I have to delete the app and recreate it to clean entirely the deployed VM

If you have a solution to avoid deletion of my service to resolve this behavior it will be very nice.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Mike

This is normal because we configured this default behavior for all applications to avoid downtime. A new instance is already setup before the old one is removed.

In your case, correct me if I’m wrong, but you want to change the default deployment behavior. Instead of having a new instance to be created, you prefer having the current one stopped, then a new one created.

Can you please confirm this is the behavior you would like to have?


Hi @Pierre_Mavro!

Thank you for your reactivity!

Yes, it’s correct.



How urgent is it for you? I can add this feature in the coming days and update you once it is done.


It will be nice to have this feature!

It’s not critic for us actually cause It’s for a devops tool and I can delete and recreate my application in 2 minutes if I need to wait this new feature.

So I say in MOSCOW language: " Should have this if at all possible" :smiley:


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Thanks for your answer. I’ll work on it and it should be available next week then.


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Hi @Mike ,

You can find deployment strategies available in the advanced settings :slight_smile:



@Pierre_Mavro Thanks a lot for this nice feature! :rocket:

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