Application logs are empty - NodeJS app built with Buildpacks

I am testing a development environment and running some requests on several endpoints but I cant see them on the application log.
It is empty.
I want to know the requests health, just like heroku tails does.

Hi @vmc ,

I have a few questions to better answer:

  • Are you using Docker or Buildpacks?
  • What is the programming language and framework you are using for your app?
  • Did you turn on your application logs? Can you check? (sometimes when deployed, the logs options are different)

Thank you

no using docker.
its a simple nodejs with express.

I have some tools for logging errors, but I want to track my API performance with these request / response logs.

Can you show me your Dockerfile and your app logger configuration to take a look?

I am not using docker. Just deployed a simple nodejs express API. All I want is to have access log (request > response)
Just like heroku does when you heroku log tail
It displays the endpoint, ip, status code and response time.

Ok, so you are using Buildpacks if you have deployed your app with Qovery without providing a Dockerfile.

Can you show me your app logger configuration?

it should output to console

nothing here

and no metrics too

Can you show me your logger configuration to see what is the verbosity level set

where I get this info?


I’ve checked and everything is working fine on our side. The logs are not output because your app does not stream logs on stdout. Can you check your application logger configuration, please? I contact you in DM