Anything to consider when create kubernetes resources in a Qovery managed namespace?

I’m looking to use KEDA in a cluster to scale based on metrics other than cpu/mem usage (things like queue length, custom metrics). I’m able to easy use Helm to deploy KEDA, but I also need to deploy a ScaledObject in the same namespace as the Qovery managed deployment. As long as the namespace doesn’t change this ought to work, but I want to make sure that I’m not missing anything. Would Qovery ever purge non-Qovery managed resources in a namespace?

Happy to report back on my experience using KEDA with Qovery as well!

Hi @kwigley ,

We don’t have much experience with KEDA, but something we’re following for several months now. Your feedback will be welcome :slight_smile: .

Qovery does not uninstall/manage things unmanaged by Qovery. So basically you can do what you want on other objects non-managed by Qovery.

However, you have to keep in mind that Qovery won’t manage them at all! Meaning it’s up to you to maintain them following the deployed Kubernetes version and you won’t have support on it by Qovery.
Qovery makes sure that every deployed component by Qovery has the right version, using the right API version, and Qovery can’t be responsible for customer manual deployments/installation.

That being said, happy to see if it’s useful for you and get feedback :slight_smile:


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