What's the best way to spin up background workers with Buildpacks?

We’re trying to spin up a cron job and are wondering the best way to do it. Essentially we want to use the nodejs buildpack but have a separate entry point. The only option I can think of is to create a new Application in Qovery and specify an environment variable that changes which file is loaded on yarn start. It doesnt’ seem ideal so was wondering if there’s an easier way that doesn’t require dockerizing our app. Essentially looking for something like Heroku’s Procfile

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Hi @Grant_Magdanz :wave:,

Thanks for asking here. Unfortunately, managing the start parameters with an environment variable is the best option at the moment. We need to better support procfile with Buildpacks. At the moment you can’t specify which procfile to use if you have multiple of them at the same git repository level. It’s something our product team is aware of and will better support in the future.

I’ve indicated into our internal ticket system your request

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