WebHooks when qovery environment finishes building

When qovery finishes deploying an environment I receive an email with the final status. I’m looking for a similar webhook to happen so I can copy my database.

Likewise, i would like if qovery can post a comment on the PR with the final built urls of a preview env. In general, having qovery update the PR with the status of the build.

Hi @justinr1234 ,

  1. Webhooks will be available at the end of this month (May 2022).
  2. Did you consider using Docker entrypoint to run a script and copy your database? You can find an example of how to use Entrypoint here.
  3. If you want to seed your database, you might like using Replibyte. An open-source tool to seed your database with real data. It can be used with Qovery.

It’s planned to directly post the URLs in the Pull Request. I can take a look with my team to see for when it’s planned. cc @a_carrano @Florian_Lepont

@rophilogene the docker solution doesn’t seem possible when RDS is the database

One workaround would be to add a container in your environment that will seed your RDS database.

Hi @justinr1234 ,

regarding the automatic comment on the PR when the environment is built is in the plans and should be delivered first half of June.