V3 Official release

Hi there,

after more than 6 months of development, alpha&beta testing, we officially release our V3 interface :rocket:

Starting today, it will be your default interface when accessing Qovery except for the following functionalities that will stay on the V2:

  • Create Clusters
  • Edit Clusters settings
  • Billing
  • Manage your GitHub app authorization

These will be implemented in the upcoming weeks on the V3 and at the end, the old and beloved V2 interface will be definitively decommissioned.

Starting today we are also implementing a redirection mechanism that will redirect you to the V3 if you try to access one of the V2 pages (except for the functionalities described above)

If you see any issue with the redirection behavior or with the new interface, please contact us via the forum or intercom



The old feature โ€œUpdate allโ€ which was available on the old V2 interface will be soon available on the V3 as well. ETA beginning of next week!

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Very cool @a_carrano :heart_eyes: