Public Forum Launch!

I am super excited to announce the launch of :rocket:

At Qovery we want to create a great and active community, and always interact with our users. That’s why we decided to add a Forum space in addition to our Discord server.
The forum primary objective will be to help our community members find the answers to their questions. It is not always easy to do that in a Discord channel flow. With the Forum, questions will be organized in categories, and anyone will be able to answer them in a thread. In the Forum you will also have:

  • Qovery news (product updates, community updates…)
  • Feedbacks section to share with us all your feedbacks. It will be a lot easier for us to gather your feedbacks and find them back rather than in a Discord flow
  • Bugs section

What about Discord?

Discord will now be focused on direct interactions, and high-quality content sharing. Please don’t hesitate to join the server in order to

  • Share what you built with or without Qovery
  • Share articles, videos, contents
  • Talk about anything related to programming. Our community goes beyond the use of Qovery
  • Attend our community calls
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