On AWS how can we manage the web cache from Qovery

I have a project with a nextjs front app. I’d like to have a good web cache for performance issues. Are there any options in Qovery to manage the NGINX cache used in AWS EKS balancer (such as NGINX Ingress for example)?

Hi @emmanuelcohenlaroque , what type of web content do you want to serve through your NGINX? Did you consider using a CDN like Cloudflare? (Cloudflare works with Qovery)

Hi @rophilogene the idea was more to cache the front app of the project (NextJS app). But serving static assets using a CDN is another option (I would prefer the ingress to directly manage some cache however).

Both options are entirely doable. It’s up to you depending on your need. If you choose to use a CDN, you can speed up your deployment time by setting to false DNS check of your app using that domain.

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