Is this possible for us to grant more IPs per cluster?

Our software sometimes has rate limit issues with the third-party API we use.

When we run over the rate limit, we still want our software to function correctly. In order to achieve that we want to have the backup IP when possible.

On Heroku, per our private space, we got reserved 4 dedicated IPs.

The way it works is slightly different.

First of all, when you install a cluster on Qovery, you can set static IPs, giving you 3 different IPs (one per zone, so 3 as Qovery is using multi-AZ by default).

So all your applications will use those IP in output. But if you don’t care about dedicated IP, the default behavior should be enough.

You can multiply the number of possible IPs by the number of nodes in your cluster (1 node = 1 IP) and the number of instances you start.

Here is an example where customer app will have 3 IPs:

If you grow the number of nodes and apps, you’ll have more IP associated. The default Qovery behavior regarding application-node placement is:

  1. applications try first to boot on another node to avoid having multiple instance on the same node
  2. if it’s not possible, but resources are available, it will do it anyway
  3. If there is not enough resources, then it will boot a new node and application will be placed onto this