Image mirroring error

Hi, we are trying to start container in Qovery, but get mirroring error. Seems that might be timeout issue, because this part works fine when we try it with very small size image. Is there a way to change that timeout or do you have any other info about that?

Hello @km1414,

Can you share the qovery console link ?

(fixed the link)

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@Melvin_Zottola Hi, any updates on this? Seems that any image with size >2GB takes too much time to mirror and process crashes because of timeout. Is there a way to fix it?

New link for the reference:

Hello @km1414,

I’m checking but this seems related to an issue with scaleway registry during the mirroring, I’m digging

Doing manually the command with a docker image > 2Gb works fine locally on my side (it took ~ 200s to push the image from ECR to Scaleway container registry)

But, as our environment engines are located in us-east-2 region on AWS side, it seems to introduce some latency.
I’ll increase the timeout on our side and ping you once this is done

Dev is still in progress, an alternative in the meantime would be to push directly your image into your cluster registry to skip mirroring: Default container registry for Scaleway cluster - #9 by Melvin_Zottola

Hello @km1414,

After digging into this issue, the cause is actually that the mirroring takes too much time: AWS seems to throttle the bandwidth + our engines are located in us-east-2

The preferred solution would be that you push your images directly to your scaleway registry to skip the mirroring (link above)