How to sync clocks on different Qovery apps - related to Apache Cassandra

Hi !

We would like to know how we could run on Qovery or if there is any other way that all our applications within a same cluster could share the same clock.

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Hi @enzoferey ,

Did you see time shifts between your apps? If that’s the case I wonder if there is a native way provided by AWS to time sync all EC2 nodes attached to the Kubernetes cluster since your apps ultimately runs on EC2 instances and inherit from the host clock.

I’ll check online to see what I can find. I’ll come back to you.

Hi, thank you for the quick answer.

We have not explicitly observed time shifts between our apps, but we are getting ready to ship a new part of our system running many workers all targeting a Cassandra database and it is advised in such situations to sync clocks among all the apps in order to avoid race conditions on the timestamps of the queries.

On EC2 instances I guess you can perform everything stated on the NTP docs, or maybe AWS has its own solution (didn’t research bout it), but since our EC2 instances are being handled by Qovery we thought the solution should go through this platform?

We appreciate your support and let us know if we can help in any way to move this conversation faster.


Do you use Cassandra on Kubernetes managed by Qovery or your Cassandra cluster run elsewhere?

It’s completely unrelated, but maybe you should take a look at ScyllaDB if you consider using Cassandra :slight_smile: It’s a drop in replacement of Cassandra written in C++ (instead of Java).

We run Cassandra on DataStax, they manage it for us.

About ScyllaDB, we are aware of it but we have still opted to go for Cassandra on DataStax. We use their Node.js driver, so we do not have to touch any Java bits, and they run Cassandra in a serverless manner, so the cost is greatly reduced comparing to running your own traditional Cassandra setup. But thank you for the recommendation!

Looking forward to hearing back from your about the clocks topic.


Hey @rophilogene, any updates on this one? Thanks!

Hi @rophilogene, bumping one more time. We would appreciate some help from you on this topic :pray:t2: