[HELP] [ERROR] Invalid cluster Credentials?

Issues information

while trying to deploy it sends this message

An error has occured

Your cloud account is not correctly configured: Invalid cluster configuration You don’t have any cloud provider (Credentials) configured for your cluster UltroidCluster
and a code, im not sending till someone ask for it

Did you create a valid cloud account on AWS or another supported cloud provider by Qovery?

created scaleway account + filled credentials, now giving an error, yes i sent the message to support and its been 24 hours nothing happened

The Scaleway support must accept your KYC request, then your quota will be increased and Qovery can be installed

will it take more than a month?

  • are telegram userbots/ is the app i’m trying to deploy breaks/ will break any of the tos? i got banned in He**ku (ro) and i don’t want this to repeat