Good beginner resources about Terraform

I will share through this thread a bunch of good resources I found about Terraform for all beginners.


Qovery provides a Terraform provider. I received a good bunch of questions coming from our users with no background in using Terraform. As I always say, Terraform is a declarative framework where you declare what you want and not how you make it. The used providers will figure it out for you and will make sure to get to the final desired state. Terraform is composed of a huge community and it’s probable that every single service you use has its own Terraform provider available. Then through a descriptive file (HCL), you can configure most of the services you use (E.g Qovery, AWS, Cloudflare, Datadog…).


Some Qovery Terraform Examples

Good first read about Terraform

I will update this post as soon as I found other good resources. You can also share good stuff in comments :relaxed: