Fine grain control of resource requests and limits

Hi @prki

As Romain said, bursting leads to instabilities, which you don’t want. You can lose nodes, lose application access, and it cannot be very pleasant for you.

We want to give the best experience possible with Qovery and propose a production-grade solution. We apply best practices to avoid such situations.

In the past, we tried to do so on a CI cluster on DigitalOcean to reduce cost. It was more unstable than expected even if the burst wasn’t so high. By experience, it’s a bad practice. We know how things will go with bursting, so we don’t want to propose it.

Bringing support in that condition is time-consuming for everybody, including customers and the team. At some point, you can do what you want because you can connect to your cluster and deploy jobs with what you want inside, but it will be hard for us to support you in this situation.

We’re always happy to bring functionalities, features, and solutions when it doesn’t hurt production stabilities.

Thanks for your understanding.