Environment variables not present in $_SERVER php application


I have a problem with the new container system that is used with Qovery. Previously I used Qovery Application that are build inside Qovery and where environment variables are passed to the container at build time (I think).
With the new way I used an already build container that is deployed with Qovery environment variables.

In the first case all environment variables are available in $_SERVER php global variable but with the second case all variables setup in Qovery are not available inside the global $_SERVER and I don’t understand why.

In both cases all variables are available inside the container via echo $VAR or env just in one case it’s in $_SERVER and in other not.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot

The problem was coming from the default configuration of php.ini and variable order for environment. The solution is to put in your php.ini :
variables_order = EGPCS