Django Deployment Error

Hi I’m trying to connect my postgres database to my django app , but I started getting deployment errors after I updated my settings file with the environment variables. Please let me know what I should change.

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql',
        'NAME': os.environ.get('QOVERY_POSTGRESQL_Z46B0E4EB_DEFAULT_DATABASE_NAME', 'postgres'),
        'USER': os.environ.get('QOVERY_POSTGRESQL_{ID}_LOGIN', 'postgres'),
        'PASSWORD': os.environ.get('QOVERY_POSTGRESQL_{ID}_PASSWORD'),
        'HOST':os.environ.get('QOVERY_POSTGRESQL_{ID}_HOST', '{ID}-postgresql.{ID}'),
        'PORT':os.environ.get('QOVERY_POSTGRESQL_{ID}_PORT', 5432),

Did you give a try without default values? And also tried to print DATABASES content once filled?

It should help you to see issues with values assignation.