Address of the cluster

I have an issue finding the address of the cluster that I just deployed. Can you please help me ? Thank you in advance

Hello @Patrik_Ludvik,

What is your use case exactly ?
If you want to connect to your cluster through kubectl, you can follow this guide: How to connect to your EKS cluster with kubectl | Qovery

I have this full on Strapi BE, which i have deployed with usage of terraform on your service. I can see that this service has been deployed and now i need to access the BE endpoint soo i can connect it to my FE which is hosted on Vercel. I was trying to find it in my AWS, but with no luck. I need your help to get this address of my BE endpoint which is deployed with your service in the cluster.

Ok, can you share your Strapi BE Qovery application link ?

is that what you mean ?

So you have an application “strapi app” and a “strapi db” that have never been deployed.
You can deploy it either through the console:

Or you can use the qovery_deployment terraform resource (don’t forget to link your services in the depends_on section: Terraform Registry

Once your environment is fully deployed, you can go on your “strapi app” page on click on “Open links” in the upper right of the page to display the links of your application:

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