Wrong default storage size

When adding a new storage to an application, the default value that Qovery sets is 1 GB. If the user does not change that value, deploying the application will fail:

:warning: Failed to provision volume with StorageClass “aws-ebs-io1-0”: InvalidParameterValue: The volume size is invalid for io1 volumes: 1 GiB. io1 volumes must be at least 4 GiB in size. Please specify a volume size above the minimum limit.

Hey @ramnes ,

thanks for reporting this, I have opened a bug on our side. Weird coincidence, I’ve found the bug at the same time :sweat:

Out of curiosity, what’s the purpose on your side to use this additional storage?

I’m deploying an existing application that needs a persistent data storage to store uploaded files. I didn’t change the storage size because this is a development deployment.

It would be much nicer if it could use an object storage such as an S3 bucket, but I would like to avoid modifying this codebase as much as possible, and AFAIK Qovery can’t use an S3 bucket as a mount point – relevant Frills card here! :slight_smile:

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Also, I’m seeing another problem: changing the storage size and redeploying doesn’t fix the deployment. :sweat_smile:

indeed. you have to re-create the app (I couldn’t find another workaround yet)

Hey @ramnes ,

this has been fixed

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What has been fixed exactly?

Qovery still offers 1 GB by default:

On the front-end, the default value has not been changed yet but the API doesn’t accept any more storage with less than 1 GB

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